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Board of Directors - Dr. Allen Lichter, Oncology

Dr. Allen Lichter

Member of Cellworks Board of Directors, Allen is a pioneer in the field of Radiation Oncology. He has served as CEO of ASCO, Dean of the Medical School and Chair of Radiation Oncology at the University of Michigan.

Lead Scientist - Anay Talawdekar

Anay Talawdekar

Leads the team that models complex cellular machinery including epigenetics, DNA damage and repair pathways, and protein homeostasis

Associate Manager - Ansu Kumar

Ansu Kumar

Manages the team that models solid tumor indications, and SOC drug predictions for solid tumors

Board of Directors - Dr. Bill Rutter, Biotechnology

Dr. Bill Rutter

Member of Cellworks Board of Directors, Bill is a pioneer in the field of Biotechnology having founded Chiron and the Bio-chemistry department at UCSF.

Board of Directors - Dr. David Lawrence, Healthcare Delivery

Dr. David Lawrence

Member of Cellworks Board of Directors, David is a leader in healthcare delivery. He was formerly CEO and Chairman of Kaiser Permanente.

Member of Cellworks Board of Directors

Dr. Lee Newcomer

Member of Cellworks Board of Directors, Lee is a leader in the field of medical care delivery. He was formerly the CMO of UnitedHealth Group.

Chief Medical Officer - Dr. Marc Shuman, Haemtology-Oncology

Dr. Marc Shuman

Marc serves as the Chief Medical Officer of Cellworks. He was formerly the Head of Haematology-Oncology at UCSF.

Chief Business Officer - Michele Macpherson

Michele Macpherson

Chief Business Officer of Cellworks, Michele is commercializing Cellworks’ capabilities for the benefit of all patients globally

Sequoia Capita Rep – Michael Dixon

Mike Dixon

Represents Sequoia Capital at Cellworks. Mike’s areas of focus are growth-stage and healthcare investing.

Senior Lead - Neeraj Singh

Neeraj Singh

Manages the team that models hematologic indications, and SOC drug predictions for heme cancers

Lead Scientist -Prashant Nair

Prashant Nair

Manages the team that performs model aggregation, model convergence and integration into the master pathway network

Lead Scientist - Robinson Vidva

Robinson Vidva

Manages the team that models drugs in the Cellworks Digital Drug Library

Senior Lead - Saumya Radhakrishnan

Saumya Radhakrishnan

Manages the Precision Medicine factory that produces Cellworks Precision Medicine reports
Associate Manager - Shweta Kapoor

Shweta Kapoor

Manages the team responsible for model development roadmaps, model quality control, and knowledge bases for precision medicine workflow

Manager - Swaminathan Rajagopalan

Swaminathan Rajagopalan

Manages the team that develops the Cellworks bio-simulator and Precision Medicine Workflow

CEO - Yatin Mundkur

Yatin Mundkur

CEO of Cellworks, Yatin leads the company in developing company strategy and commercializing both its Precision Medicine and its Stratified Medicine lines of business