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Precision Drug Development

Precision Drug Development

Accelerate drug development timelines, reduce risks and lower costs

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Our biosimulation platform predicts human clinical response to investigational drug candidates YEARS earlier than traditional development pipelines

Use biosimulation technology to maximize your drug development success

Use therapy biosimulation to accelerate the drug development process

ACCELERATE Drug approval timelines

BOOST Clinical Trial Success Rates

EXPAND Markets via non-obvious indications

REVIVE Deprioritized and Shelved Assets

Our drug development biosimulation methodology


The Cellworks Platform is powered by the groundbreaking Cellworks Computational Biology Model (CBM), a network of 6,000+ human genes, 30,000+ molecular species and 600,000+ molecular interactions.

Cellworks precision drug development addresses key industry challenges

Improve drug success rates through biomarker development

Identify companion molecules to expand the utility of a drug

Expand indications for drugs at the pre-clinical stage

Increase your drug
development ROI today!