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Cellworks’s mission is to serve patients by optimal drug therapy selection. As symbolized by Cellworks’s logo, the crux of our motivation is improvement of patients’ healthcare. The Cellworks platform addresses the needs of Physicians, Payers, Patients and BioPharma. We help physicians navigate complex decisions to provide the most efficacious and timely treatment. We provide payers transparency to the causative rationale of therapeutic recommendations that are most efficacious for each patient. We assist BioPharma in accomplishing a higher clinical trial success rate and resurrecting failed drugs.

We develop precision medicine products using disease physiology bio-chemical simulation to make phenotype predictions, which are then clinically validated. The Cellworks platform was created to be a unified representation of biological knowledge, collected from all known heterogeneous datasets, applied to medicine. This ground breaking and unconventional platform applies quantitative predictive modeling and semiconductor engineering methodology to life sciences.

Cellworks’s key therapeutic areas of focus are Oncology, Immunology, Dermatology and Infectious Diseases. Founded in 2005, backed by Artiman Ventures and Sequoia Capital, Cellworks has built the world’s strongest trans-disciplinary team of molecular biologists, cellular pathway modelers, semiconductor engineers, and internet software architects working towards a common goal of fighting disease to improve the lives of patients.

Our culture puts patients at the center of all our activities, driving innovation, motivating each of us to excel and deliver the most compelling therapies for the most confounding diseases.

We value science and innovation – we curate the world’s knowledge of biology and medicine, make it actionable and discover emergent characteristics.

We thrive on challenge and impact – provide us patients with complex medical problems that require precision medicine treatments. We will return with possible solutions.

We provide transparency and rationale – we provide patients with a transparently designed therapy accompanied by a full causative rationale. Each patient is always an n-of-one.

We instill teamwork and collaboration – Cellworks is about networks. As a cohesive team, Cellworks achieves more than as a collection of individuals.

We celebrate energy and passion – Cellworks is changing the world for patient outcomes. We always bring our best energy and our highest passion.