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Accurate navigation towards effective treatment results

Accurate Navigation Towards Effective Treatment Results

Medical oncology treatments, for patients, are often protracted with the use of several different drugs either simultaneously or linearly. This is in the hope of finding a treatment that may finally work towards producing response. Often, it is too late. The process is enormously taxing for the patient’s compromised body. It is also expensive and leads to wasted treatment costs, increased hospitalization, and escalated healthcare costs.

How can the therapy that proves to be successful be administered to the patient before those that prove to be unsuccessful? Cellworks’s goal is to improve patient outcomes as well as reduce unnecessary healthcare costs.

Cellworks can help payers work with physicians to navigate care for effective results, upfront.

Analytically Designed Efficacious & Cost-effective Therapies

Cellworks creates mathematical models of the patient’s cancer cell by matching its tumor genomic profile, molecular pathways and disease phenotype. It then uses computational bio-simulation to predict responses to a combination of FDA-approved drugs. Showcasing the power of precision medicine, Cellworks identifies the appropriate therapy to ensure – with a high degree of predictability – that it will be efficacious for the patient.

Predict and Know

Cellworks can inform the clinician whether the patient will respond to the standard-of-care targeted therapy. If not, then Cellworks provides a targeted therapeutic regime that would best suit the patient’s tumor genomic profile. This approach saves vital time for the patients and significantly lowers treatment costs as well. It is designed with the knowledge that genetic aberrations within tumor cells differ from patient to patient, and that one therapy does not fit all. Cellworks reduces the unknown by predicting drug therapies focused on the right care for the right patient at the right time.

Efficacious Personalized Outcomes

Cellworks provides efficacious personalized therapy, thereby reducing failure rates. Clinicians receive treatment recommendation containing novel combinations of molecularly targeted agents from across indications that synergize to improve therapeutic options for cancer patients. Often therapy regimes include drugs that are not specifically for oncology, and thus can also reduce therapy costs. Treatment recommendations are searched across all FDA-approved molecules, whose mechanism of action is understood, and tens of thousands of combinations are simulated to find the right therapy for the patient. Cellworks believes in total transparency. Each patient report shows target manipulations identified for synergistic effects, causality-based resistance mechanism factors, as well as predict multiple levels of cellular physiological interactions with precise molecular and protein-functional level details. All supported by peer-reviewed publications.

Validated. Precisely.

Cellworks's simulation predictions have been validated through cell-line studies, animal studies, human ex-vivo experiments, retrospective clinical studies and prospective clinical trials, with biomarker and phenotype trends in lab and clinical settings.

Cellworks has:

  • Participated in more than 50 global scientific collaborations
  • Conducted over 3000 prediction validations
  • Produced over 50 peer-reviewed papers and abstracts

Engage in Improving Health Care Economics

If you have a difficult patient population, get in touch with us. We are happy to help payers work with physicians, to navigate the right therapy to the right patient at the right time.

Participate in this paradigm shift. Leverage the power of innovation to help improve healthcare economics. Evaluate our past studies, our ongoing trials, or guide our new clinical trials. Tell us which cancer sub-type or patient demographic you would like our help on.


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