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The Right Treatment Today for a Better Tomorrow

The Right Treatment Today for a Better Tomorrow

Traditionally, a cancer patient's treatment begins with a standard care therapy, designed broadly for everyone who has a similar diagnosis of cancer. For some, this standard therapy is the path to remission. For others, it represents a disheartening detour, and they must press on to the next course of treatment while still recovering from the first. Often patients, their families and their physicians struggle through multiple rounds of treatment before they come across a treatment that is effective for them. This is often an arduous, painful journey.

Cellworks knows that there is little time for detours or reversals. Each moment spent on an ineffective therapy is a moment taken away from family and loved ones. This is precisely the motivation for Cellworks to harness the most cutting-edge advances in precision medicine and help patients take a direct route to the best potential therapy upfront, when their bodies are stronger, hopes are higher and prognosis for remission is better.

A Therapy Tailored for You

Tumors, like people, have unique genetic makeups. Cancer arises when mutations in the genetic material of a cell accumulate and cause the cell as a whole to behave abnormally. If a therapy fails to target the key mutations that have caused a patient’s particular cancer, it will not work, and the cancer will continue to grow and spread, resulting in a discouraging setback.

Most drug development is initiated for specific diseases and then tested on patients for whom those drugs may be efficacious. That’s what one might call ‘a solution looking for a problem’. Cellworks turns this problem on its head. Cellworks starts with you, the patient, and then finds drugs which would be most efficacious for your specific cancer genomic profile.

Cellworks can analyze the genomic profile of a patient’s tumor to determine each patient’s Therapy Response Index (TRI), which is a measure of the patient’s responsiveness to FDA approved drugs. Cellworks builds a virtual cell in software based on your tumor’s genomic profile. Using this virtual cell, we model your tumor’s response to FDA-approved drugs, singly and in combination to uncover the most effective treatment regimen and therapy that can been predicted to work for you. Your doctor then reviews and considers the therapy that is recommended for you by Cellworks TRI, with transparent and detailed causality.

Because Life Matters

Cellworks models multiple cancer-causing mutations simultaneously as well as those that may be unique to a particular patient. Even if a therapy is effective at targeting one mutation, other mutations may continue to produce resistance and malignancy. Cellworks’ holistic model discerns all potential targets for drug combinations to attack, not just one target.

Conventionally, multiple trial-and-error rounds of therapy are tried as the patient goes through the journey in the hope of finding an effective treatment. However, Cellworks’ breakthrough biosimulation technology performs these trial-and-error iterations in a software model to isolate and predict the most effective treatment. This computational method spares the patient treatments that are unlikely to be successful and, therefore, reaches the best treatment option faster.

Together, We Can

Cellworks works solely through your physician and your patient advocacy group. Patient advocacy groups have been established globally to help patients and their families find the latest technologies that have the potential to make a difference in patients’ lives. Cellworks works actively with patient advocacy across the spectrum to assist them in their mission, and advance clinical research. Participation is voluntary, and patients are encouraged to directly engage with them to forge your personal path to wellness.