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Qualification: (Background: Life Sciences):

  • BE / B.Tech (Biotech/Bioinformatics)
  • M.Sc (Biochemistry /Microbiology/Biotech)
  • M. Tech Pharmacology or Pharmacy background

Basic Eligibility Criteria:

  • Sound knowledge on enzyme kinetics / Molecular biology / Cell biology / oncology / immunology / cell signaling / Microbiology / biochemistry / computers.
  • Basic Mathematical background (upto 10th / 12th grade)
  • Logical and Analytical mind-frames

Job Description:


  • Reading of Scientific journals / Data mining and interpretation of scientific data
  • Building of mathematical models representing human physiology
  • Data analysis and interpretation of read outs from the predictive model.

Interview Process:

  • HR Screening
  • Scientific Paper Analysis – A scientific paper will be emailed to the candidates two days before the interview and the candidate is expected to read and understand the paper.
  • Questions will be asked on this paper during the interview.
  • Technical interview is based on the topics mentioned in the eligibility criteria & Scientific paper.
  • Final round of HR interview
  • All interviews are on the Team’s video call.

Employment Process:


  • Job Type: 6 Months of Internship and later full-time employment
  • Designation: Intern-R&D (During Internship), Associate Scientist-R&D (Full time employment)
  • Probation Period: 03 Months
  • Expect minimum 2 years of commitment from a candidate (Including internship)
  • Work Location: Whitefield, Bangalore
  • The first 6 months is internship with stipend of Rs.16,000/- per month and food coupons allowance 1k. Total 17K per month during internship.
  • Performance during internship will determine your full-time position with Cellworks.
  • Fulltime salary has basic deductions as per income tax law and “Training Retention Amount” of Rs.4,000/- month.

Training Amount during Internship:

You acknowledge and agree that the Company will have to invest time and resources and incur costs in imparting training to you during the Internship period. You therefore agree that, in the event you terminate your engagement with the Company without cause during the Internship period, you shall be promptly liable to pay the Company a sum of Rs.50,000/-. You agree and acknowledge that such an amount is a reasonable and genuine pre-estimate of the training cost incurred by the Company in respect of your training during the Internship period.

Training Retention Amount during Fulltime:

For a period of 18 months from the start date of your Probationary period, the Company will retain a training retention amount of Rs.4,000/- per month. On successful completion of at least 18 months including the Probation period, you will be entitled to receive said retained amount of Rs.72,000/- in full (without any interest payment thereon)

However, if prior to the expiry of the said 18-month period you either resign or abandon your employment with the Company, or the Company terminates your employment for cause (the details will be provided in the offer letter), the entire retained amount shall be forfeited. Provided further that if as on the date of your resignation or abandonment of employment or the date of your termination of employment for cause, as the case may be, the retained amount is less than Rs.50,000/- (i.e., the minimum initial trai


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