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(Booth #201)

We look forward to meeting you and sharing the latest feedback from clinicians across the country and around the world as they seek better outcomes for their patients by adding Cellworks TRI (Therapy Response Index) to their oncology practice.

At our booth, we invite you to take the TRI Challenge, an intriguing demonstration of our precision medicine based, patient-centric approach to determining an individual patient’s response to alternative drug therapies to help clinicians select the best option first.

At our booth, you can also learn about the myCare™ Oncology Therapy Study, a branded Cellworks set of clinical trials that will give physicians access to Cellworks Singula™ and Ventura™, and is designed to evaluate the success of TRI in correctly predicting the most efficacious therapy for each patient enrolled in the trial.

For more information, call 408-467-3805, or email