Cellworks’ mission is to serve patients through advances in precision medicine that significantly improve treatment success. We achieve better outcomes by predicting a successful match between patients and drug therapies – their Therapy Response Index (TRI). Our technology goes beyond the “one mutation, one drug” NGS paradigm, to consider multiple aberrations and to evaluate alternative therapy options, which provides actionable information and analysis.

In the clinical setting, our products provide physicians with a TRI report that informs therapy choices. We change the economics of drug development and targeting by assisting BioPharma in accomplishing higher clinical trial success rates and resurrecting failed drugs. We drive down costs across the healthcare system by cutting out the trial and error of therapy selection, and provide payers with transparency into the causative rationale of therapeutic recommendations. Critically, through early identification of the best therapy, we improve patient outcomes and save them from debilitating and costly rounds of unsuccessful treatment.

Cellworks’ precision medicine TRI products use AI-enhanced biosimulation to make phenotype predictions, which are then clinically validated. Our technology foundation is the Cellworks platform, which was conceived as a unified representation of biological knowledge collected from all known heterogeneous datasets. Our ground breaking and unconventional technology applies advanced modeling and quantitative prediction techniques that mirror the methodology used to design and validate semiconductor chips to simulate a patient’s response to FDA approved drugs, replacing trial and error in matching patients and check over here.