Taher Abbasi

Taher has been instrumental in building Cellworks into a world leader in personalized therapy. As Co-founder & COO, Taher Abbasi has been part of the core team involved in establishing the Cellworks R&D operations and processes, global research collaborations and developing strategy for implementing Cellworks proprietary technology automation infrastructure to emulate disease physiology computationally and designing therapeutics pipeline. He has over twenty years of technology and global operations setup and management experience. His specialization is automation engineering in the semiconductor and life sciences therapeutics industries.

Prior to co-founding Cellworks Group Inc., Taher Abbasi held senior management positions in Cadence Design Systems, Get2Chip, Vitalect and Synopsys. Taher Abbasi is the co-author of the books “Logic Synthesis Using Synopsys” (Kluwer publication) and “It’s the Methodology, Stupid!” (ByteK publication). He has co-authored and presented several articles in scientific publications and industry conferences worldwide.

He holds a B.S. in Electronics from University of Bombay; M.S. in Computer Engineering from California State University, Northridge; MBA from University of California, Los Angeles and National University of Singapore.